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Zombie Fails: THE CARD GAME Coming soon!

Newbren announced today that their currently in development game “Zombie Fails” is very close to release. The game was inspired by

This game has it all!

Melee weapons
Super Zombies!
Tons of weapons

Fight Hordes of Zombies as you and your fellow survivors try to escape your home city to get to your bunker in the mountains!

I have play tested this game many times and it is still very fun to play and very funny when you do things like push a zombie off a roof into a wood chipper or get them stuck on barbed wire and walk away.

The Zombie Fails game will also offer the option of CUSTOM made decks. We can put you, your friends, locations of your choice and even zombies on the cards. Would make a great gift idea for zombie lovers.

Game play videos have been recorded should be available soon so keep an eye out.