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The Story of Zombie Fails

Using components of previous games I set out to create something cooperative, simple and funny. At the time I was working on a youtube channel and website called Zombie Fails in which I would collect and make compilations of zombie game related fails in an attempt to make people laugh.

I used my new engine and game idea mixed with the thematic premise of the youtube channel and created the first test deck for ZOMBIE FAILS which was later renamed Zombie Fails: Flee the City.

Published under my main development brand the world could now experience the awesomeness that is Zombie Fails!


Out of the City

Of all the games I had tortured my friends with endless game testing this one clearly became one of the most requested game to play again. It was just as the box claimed “fun and funny.”

The next year I finished Zombie Fails: The Hills Have teeth which not only included many of the zombies and weapons I didn't get to fit into part 1, but also I added Human enemies and Infected Animals like the Zombie Bear!

The Hills Have Teeth could be played by itself or combined with Flee the City for some epic hordes of zombies and battles.

Future of Zombie Fails

Newbren has now officially commissioned and declared the 3rd installation of the Zombie Fails card game. We have play tested it and I can tell you it is going to be more challenging, but also some neat new editions to the horrors of zombie fails as well as the hilarity.

Update As of January 23rd 2020

Our toiling tourists of newbren.coms apacolyptic world have finally reached the safety of the bunker…


The Journey continues with the Hardest Difficulty Episode of Zombie Fails.  

ZOMBIE FAILS: BONED has arrived.