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About Zombie Fails

Zombie Fails is a series of games developed for by Brendon Lyons.

Themed on simplicity and humor these games is easy to learn and incredibly funny!

The Story

After a life long relationship with zombie culture and comedy I was inspired to create the first Zombie Fails game. For a while I was creating zombie fail and blooper compilation videos for youtube and played a lot of 7 Days to Die with a great community. It was at this time I realized just how much zombies can make me laugh and wanted to share the experience with the world. Thus Zombie Fails was born. “One deck of cards, Simple to learn, fast set up, getting people to say funny things and not being so complicated that it interferes with socializing” were all core themes.

Based on some mechanisms of earlier games developments of mine I set out to create a cooperative game using my past experiences to create something truly easy to learn with a lot of replay value. I like when people get together in person to play games on a table top as a social and communal ritual.

Without lengthy set up or complicated rules people can have a truly casual and hilarious game and focus more on the socializing with each other.

Even during the initial play testing of Zombie Fails: Flee the City it was a big hit and became the most requested game from my testers.

I wanted to create a game that was funny, but also compelled players to decide WHICH of their friends they want to sacrifice to a zombie to survive when the time comes. On a side note the Human Survivors in the deck were named for people who were in my life which gives us a unique experience of deciding which of us will get eaten 🙂

For others to truly experience this, we realized, we need to offer customized Zombie Fails decks so people can have their own family, friends or pets to have these moral challenges as well.

Due to the fact that it is a SINGLE deck game that requires very little space it can be played just about anywhere.

It is truly a magnificent balance between simplicity and enjoyment.