Zombie Fails: Flee the City


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Zombie Fails: Flee the City (2017)
This Cooperative Survival Zombie Horde game is a single deck game with risks and press your luck decisions. Your character is attempting to escape the city to get to a bunker in the mountains. On your travels you will encounter other humans, learn skills you can use on stupid zombies, get melee weapons you can use on weak zombies and find projectile weapons to use on zombies which are far away. At first you will start off calmly walking, but soon you will find your self on the run attracting all manor of zombies to swarm upon you!
Everything is gravy until you have to start sacrificing your friends so that others may survive! Though it will be a brutal quest, you won’t be able to help laughing at the zombies as well as how you dispatch with them!Visiting 4 locations on your journey you may find good loot OR a zombie infestation.Deck Customizing options available for gifts or to treat yourself to a zombie survival adventure with you and your friends pictures on the cards!

Why buy this?

  •  Fast Setup (30 seconds) Ridiculously easy to learn.
  •  Tons of Skills, Melee and Projectiles to use on zombies.
  •  Hordes of hilarious zombies! Customizable with YOUR photos!