Zombie Fails: BONED


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Zombie Fails: Boned

You’ve never laughed so hard while struggling for your survival.

Zombie Fails: BONED

Challenge yourself with this stand alone (or expansion deck) for the Zombie Fails card game series.

Cannibals and Zombies and Monsters OH MY!

Though our lone survivor is long dead, the party continues on with this single deck zombie horde survival game. Experience the familiar insanity that is the trademark of Zombie Fails and some all new mechanics in Zombie Fails: Boned!

New Stuff includes: STRONGER enemies! MORE Loot than previous decks! MORE CHALLENGE with higher difficulty! Unlockable Characters (when you combine with other decks) More Puns, References and jokes as a shout out to our favorite Zombie shows, films and Games!

Don’t miss out on this spectacular 3rd installation of the Zombie Fails Series.

Why buy this?

  •  STRONGER ENEMIES and Unlockable Special Survivors
  •  MORE CHALLENGING than ZF1 and ZF2
  •  More puns, film, show and game references you love!